Worship Track


Worship Track

The Specialized one year Worship Track was an idea born in the heart and mind of Pastor Dan Carroll. Welcoming an atmosphere of worship has long been an emphasis at Water of Life Church. Coming under the umbrella of the School of Ministry, this one year track is not just for worship leaders, but is designed for those who want to develop more of a heart for worship, their calling as a worshiper, or cultivate their musical, song writing, creative, and worship leading skills. Whether or not you feel called to play or sing on a worship team, all who desire more of the presence of God will benefit greatly from the Worship Track. The greatest attribute for joining is a heart and love for worship. Non singers and non-musicians welcome! Core classes will be required but can be taken during the training.

Classes for Spring, 2017

Worship Theology: In light of the present worship reformation, worship songs are played on the radio along with many genres of songs. What is the difference between music and worship that is sacred? Is there a difference? In this 4 week class we will talk in depth about what the Bible has to say about this diverse and yet vague topic. Don’t just worship. Understand why and how we worship.


Songwriting is an art-form developed over time. Some people excel at it, some don’t. What is it that makes the difference? Who can and should write songs of worship? I believe the answer is: everyone. In Psalm 32, God promises to surround us with “songs of deliverance.” These God-given declarations actually empower us to fight the enemy through song. This class will teach those who have a desire to use their creativity to write, compose, and arrange lyrics and songs into expressions fit for the worship and declaration of individuals as well as congregations.

Davidic Tabernacle:

There were three Houses of Worship in the Old Testament: the Tabernacle of Moses, the Temple of Solomon, and the Tabernacle (Tent) of David. There is much to be learned about worship from these tabernacle designed by God Himself. The interesting distinction between David’s Tent and the other two is this: In that last days, God promised to restore this House of Worship (Amos 9:11). What does that mean? In this class we’ll not only learn God’s heart for worship, but learn why David was called a “man after God’s own heart.”


Brian Ming: Associate Pastor, School of Worship

Brian and his wife Kristen have served the church in worship ministry years for 20 years. In 2005, Brian became the worship leader at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX where he mentored hundreds of worship leaders, as well as recorded 4 internationally distributed worship projects. Dozens of his songs are sung by artists and churches throughout the U.S. and the world. After a brief time of pastoring, in 2014, God called him back into worship ministry, where they released a new album, Freedom Project. In 2016, they were hired by Water of Life to start the Worship Track at the Water of Life School of Ministry. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University.

Guest Instructors:

Jenny Lee Riddle

Jennie Lee Riddle is a passionate songwriter, conference speaker, team trainer and worship servant. She is honored as a seven-time Dove award nominee and three-time Dove award winner, top 10 CCLI songwriter, multiple BMI award winner for top 25 radio, and two-time gold certified songwriter. She is best known for authoring Phillips, Craig and Dean’s #1 hit single “Revelation Song” first recorded by Kari Jobe, and “When The Stars Burn Down.” Jennie has also co-authored several other title cuts and singles like “Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) by Shane & Shane; “Hope of the Broken World” and “More and More of You” by Selah; “Mystery of Faith” by Glen Packiam; “One True God” by NewSong; “It Is Finished” by Matt Papa; “The One That Really Matters” recorded by Michael W Smith and Kari Jobe; “I Stand Before Almighty God Alone” recorded with Worship Mob; and others to name a few. Numerous other artists have covered Jennie’s songs, including Newsboys; Chris Tomlin; Phil Wickham; Jesus Culture; Dustin Smith; Travis Cotrell; Superchick; Rebecca St. James; JJ Heller; Jared Anderson; Guy Penrod; Sandi Patty; Meredith Andrews; Travis Ryan; Michael English; Corey Voss; Crystal Yates; Micah Tyler; Charity Gayle; David Gentiles; Sean Carter and many others.

Jeff Deyo

Jeff Deyo is known internationally as the original lead singer of the Dove Award-winning group Sonicflood. Jeff is the voice behind classic worship songs like I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, In the Secret, and My Refuge. Sonicflood’s self-titled debut (1999) and its Grammy-nominated follow-up, Sonicpraise (2001), reached combined sales of over one million. Deyo followed up these accomplishments by releasing five acclaimed worship solo albums including his latest, Moving Mountains (2015). In 2004 Jeff founded the Pure Worship Institute, an annual regional conference drawing thousands. Deyo also serves on full-time faculty at North Central University (NCU) in Minneapolis, MN, as well as serving faithfully at his local church.


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