Specialized Track Program

We are excited to introduce the new Specialized Track Program. We have added this new program in lieu of the Academy to broaden the opportunities to invite new and SOM graduate students to pursue training through specialized areas in Bible, Islamic Initiative, Worship, and Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving. These specific areas of study will be taught by experts in the field and emphasize additional educational components including classroom participation, project assignments and serving opportunities. 

The Worship Track – One Year Program

Under the leadership of Associate Pastor Brian Ming, students will have the opportunity to learn the position, heart, theology and lifestyle of Worship.

The Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving Track – One Year Program

In partnership with the Healing and Caring Department, the Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving training, will now come under the School of Ministry. We are taking this program to another level and excited to equip people to bring healing to the broken hearted.

The Islamic Initiative Track – One Year Program

Under the leadership of Associate Pastor Norm Brinkley, students will prepare to work with Muslims both locally and globally through a collaboration of knowledge, practicums, and spiritual development.

The Bible Track – Two Year Program

This track is taught and led by many esteemed instructors from Fuller Seminary, Azusa Pacific University and Life Pacific College. Students will experience a broad spectrum of biblical knowledge and the ability to articulate biblical truths into their personal journey in Christ.

Core Class Requirements:

If you are not a SOM graduate, you will need to complete a set of core classes in partnership with the program: DWOL, Core Values, Ministry & Gifts of the Holy Spirit 1, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Ministry Team Training.


Contact Us

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