Guest Services

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Guest Services is all about making great first impressions to our guests. Whether our guests are new to Water of Life, weekend attenders, or seasoned regulars, our teams create a warm welcoming environment from the parking lot to our worship venues, and all points in between. These volunteer teams offer a friendly hand, warm smile, and information that will help guests experience the love of Jesus before they even hear about Him. Consider the many opportunities!


Our parking teams are the first of the first impressions at Water of Life. They safely guide our guests and members to open parking spaces or areas during the weekend services and special events.


Our kiosk check-in greeters and operators make a great first impression by greeting families and guiding them through the registration and check-in process to make them feel welcome and informed. They also are available to help during the week or with special events.


Our stationary greeters serve our guests at the doors, in the hallways, and in the venues by making them feel valued with a sincere greeting, a genuine smile, a friendly presence, a fond farewell, and by general assistance during their visit.


Our roaming greeters provide a warm, welcoming experience for guests arriving to our campus. They are responsible for welcoming our guests and assisting them, when needed, to various locations throughout the campus.


Our ushers proactively initiate a warm greeting, offer a friendly presence, and provide clear directions in finding a seat throughout the campus. The ushers works alongside other teams and may have additional responsibilities.


Our guest solutions greeters enthusiastically meet and connect new people to the church. They create a warm and welcoming environment that helps communicate the overall vision of Water of Life.


New and regular attending guest may have questions about specific ministries and opportunities at Water of Life; this team helps direct guest based on the needs they expressed.

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