Men's - Calendar



Bible Studies



Mon. 6:00a - 7:30a at CoCo's on the corner of Haven and Baseline in Rancho Cucamonga. For more information contact Ray Adams at or 909.367.0100.

Mon. 6:30p - 8:30p in the South Venue
For more information contact Kirt Turner at or 909.480.6823



Tues. 5:30a - 7:00a in the South Venue
For more information contact Jerry Musgrove at or 909.218.0101.



Sat. 7:00a - 8:30a in the South Venue
Come study the Bible with other men. Develop relationships that help build sustainable healthy Godly lives. For more information, contact Mark Cooper at or 909.351.0590.


For any questions regarding Men's Ministry and Mentoring, please contact Ryan Wagers at or 909. 291.9457