Islamic Initiative Track


Islamic Initiatives Track

Islamic Initiative Track is available in School of Ministry, sponsored by MERIT

The Islamic Initiative is a specialized track to prepare you for any and all work with Muslims locally and globally.
The track consists of three (11 week) tracks: Each track has emphasis on knowledge, practicums and spiritual development.

  • emphasizing knowledge of Islam the religion,
  • practicums to prepare you for encounters with Muslims and
  • spiritual development that will give you the most well-rounded experiences in being able to do ministry anywhere in the world.

You will get a physical MERIT passport to collect your knowledge, practicums and spiritual development stamps. Core classes will be required but can be taken during the training.

We ask that you choose an emphasis in one of three areas in order to complete all that is required for you to especially go globally to work with Muslims.

  1. Healing Rooms-healing for issues that are impacting your personal welfare
  2. Sozo (salvation in Greek) Ministry-deep inner healing for family of origin issues
  3. Living Waters-spiritual healing that impacts a person’s identity

Excused absence worksheet

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