Generosity Ministry

"Rivers Not Reservoirs"

The Generosity Ministry is a reflection of a Kingdom Life; it's a life lived out of the heart of Jesus for His purposes. It's not how much or how little you have that determines your destiny, it's how you live with what you have been given. We are called to be rivers of life, not reservoirs. A life deeply touched by Jesus is a life that flows with generosity; the one word that defines God is giving.

By getting involved in this ministry you will learn the keys to unlock your heart from greed, envy, anxiety and fear. This ministry is for those of us who have been burdened with debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, who are managing their finances well but are not aware of all the God honoring principles that a generous life entails.

Money is the second most-frequently mentioned topic in the Bible, so we need to open up this area of communication for our people to truly mature and be equipped as followers of Christ. We have designed classes and discipleship tools to guide us into His heart, so we can answer the call on our lives to be the people He has destined us to become.

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