Cherish: Pregnant Teen Program

Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month

Cherish is a Local Outreach Ministry at CityLink that provides spiritual, physical and emotional support to pregnant teens and young mothers. This ministry demonstrates the compassion of Christ through long-term caring relationships and opens the door of opportunity for a new life available through Jesus.

For more information please call CityLink at 909.803.1059 x2228

 Pregnant Teens and Young Moms 

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 Serve at Cherish 

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How We Support Young Moms

Spiritual Guidance

We want each mom who comes to Cherish to know that Jesus loves them with a love that lasts forever and that they can trust Him completely. We share Biblical teachings at each of our meetings and pray for the needs of the mothers and their children.

Baby Care

Many young moms do not have the resources to purchase the baby items they need. When caring women from Water of Life donate baby furniture it gives a young mom the joy of receiving something beautiful that helps her take care of her baby in a safe way.

Parenting Support

We enlist the help of local health workers, teachers, and parenting experts to equip young moms with the tools they need to be great parents.

Positive Social Interaction

Cherish is a safe place for young mothers to express what they are going through with the assurance that Cherish team members are going to walk with them and encourage them in whatever they are facing.